Adaptation of novel by John Niven directed by Owen Harris


The film is set in London circa 1997 and explores the dark side of the Britpop era. During a time when British music was on a winning streak and those involved believed they could do no wrong, A&R agent Stelfox discovers it can all come crashing down.

Tom's roles

1. Parker-Hall - nemesis of Nicholas Hoult's Stelfox

I thought the script was incredible, savage, brutal and funny, and unlike anything I had ever done before. So I went back and read the book and thought I had to be part of this.

2. Narrator - unabridged audiobook

Filming location

Principal photography began 10 March 2014 at Pinewood Studios London and finished 11th April 2014.

Release Dates

UK - November 6th 2015
Estonia - November 13th 2015
Switzerland (German language) - November 19th 2015
Thailand - November 26th 2015
France - December 2nd 2015
US - April 1st 2016
Germany - early 2016

Festival Screenings

Fantasy Filmfest - 5th August 2015 World Premiere
Festival Number 6 - Sept 2015
Zurich Film Festival - Sept 2015
Toronto International Film Festival - Sept 2015
26th Dinard British Film Festival - Sept / Oct 2015
Mill Valley Film Festival, California - Oct 2015
British Film Fest Australia - Oct / Nov 2015

DVD & Digital

iTunes UK March 24th 2016
iTunes US March 22nd 2016


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