Tom interview: LAMDA Notices issue 11
admin | 06 May
Tom Riley Three Year Acting Course (Class of 2005) Big break? Stepping in at the last minute to replace one of the lead roles in The Woman Before at the Royal
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Ian Phillips-McLaren: more photos
admin | 04 February
Photographer Ian Phillips-McLaren has uploaded two more gorgeous photographs of Tom from his photoshoot to My Shutterspace.com. Take a look here and here. Not
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Happy Ever Afters: Interview for Fingal Community TV
admin | 27 January
This video interview with Tom and some of the cast, including the lovely Ger Ryan, for Fingal Community TV at the Dublin premiere, has appeared online
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Happy Ever Afters: amazing Tom interview for IFTN.ie
admin | 23 December
There is a wonderfully insightful interview with Tom, Stephen Burke and Jade Yourell for IFTN.ie. Read the full interview on the IFTN website.  So far so
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Happy Ever Afters: Independent.ie interview
admin | 18 December
Q&A: Tom Riley on bono's bed and a very drunk best man Describe Happy Ever Afters for us? It's a screwball romantic comedy about two couples that
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Happy Ever Afters: Entertainment.ie interview
admin | 09 December
"I was at a wedding where there was a partition dividing two parties", explains Burke when asked where he got the idea for the film. "Initially
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Happy Ever Afters: interview snippets
admin | 05 November
On shooting the film: Tom Riley chimes in. "We don't tend to overrun schedules, which is unusual. In these jobs, it's low budget and you pack a lot into the
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Website Interview
admin | 09 July
PART ONE Guilty Pleasures and Favourites    TV: Favourite - The Wire is the greatest television show ever made, but Lost remains a close
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The Vertical Hour: press night photos
admin | 07 June
Wooller.com has two lovely images of Tom from the press night of The Vertical Hour. Both are available to buy on the site in various formats. Orders from this
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Parliamentary Publication on ELQs
admin | 16 January
Tom Riley, LAMDA alumnus, currently starring in "The Vertical Hour" at the Royal Court Theatre 7.  "I have always wanted to be an actor,
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