Inside No 9: cast rounded out by Michele Dotrice & Tom Riley, both excellent

More reviews for last night's episode of Inside No 9 have been shared online, with lovely words again for Tom as Adam. Read the full reviews on the websites.

We see Christine on twelve different days in her life, and by the time we’re done, we wish we’d known her better. The final scene, essentially a hold on her face, is magnetic and heart-breaking.

The cast is rounded out by Michele Dotrice and Tom Riley, both excellent as two of the most important people in Christine’s life, with elegantly generous support from Shearsmith and Pemberton themselves... 

...It’s full of pathos, bathos, and no doubt a few more words that make online reviewers feel clever. But here’s the point: one of the major strengths of writers Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, right from the days of Royston Vasey and Spent, is not in how funny they were, not even in the ‘dark’ routes the stories went, but in how richly drawn their characters were. This, not the jokes, is why we watch their work. Cult Box

Inside No 9: Sheridan Smith and Tom Riley excellent as the once happy couple

Reviews for tonight's episode of Inside No 9 have started appearing online, with some lovely words about Tom's performance, though the main focus is on Sheridan Smith as Christine. For those who missed it, The 12 Days of Christine is now on BBC iPlayer.

If you’re wondering why we’re not billing this as a comedy, that’s because there’s almost nothing funny in the latest tale. Instead, it’s an utterly superb piece of drama, imbued with an increasing sense of dread – with the almost unguessable sting in the tail that this series delivers so well. Little should be said about the plot other than that The 12 Days of Christine is set in flat No 9 of a tower block and it begins with a woman dressed as a nun and a man in fireman gear tumbling onto a settee after copping off at a fancy dress party. Hunky Tom Riley is Adam and Sheridan Smith gives another multi-faceted, stunning performance as the troubled Christine. Radio Times

Da Vinci's Demons: ? season 3 fall broadcast & no UK DVD extras for season 2

According to an article on Yahoo, about a new project for David S. Goyer, the season 3 broadcast of Da Vinci's Demons was mentioned, as returning in the fall. 

On TV, Da Vinci’s Demons is returning to Starz in the fall.

Amazon UK has uploaded the back cover for the Da Vinci's Demons season 2 UK DVD, which won't be released until August 31st, and ties in date-wise with the Yahoo article. In addition, there appear to be no extras we can anticipate with this region 2 release. A major disappointment, as we know that there was content created for it.