Inside No 9: magazine previews

This week's TV magazines have previews of the new series of Inside No 9, including tiny mentions of Tom's episode 'The 12 Days of Christine'. TV & Satellite Week has the biggest feature (scans are in the galleries), while a new online article has been shared on Den of Geek

We’ve been threatened with a visit from the Witchfinder General if we reveal any of the secrets from the next six No. 9’s before the series returns to BBC2 next week. But we can confirm more well-written tales with some surprising sweetness mixed in with the horror, emotional wallops alongside the jokes.

Inside No 9: first stills from 'The 12 Days of Christine'

The first still of Tom and Sheridan Smith, in their episode of Inside No 9 'The 12 Days of Christine', has been shared on the BBC media website. We also now know who directed Tom's episode - Guilem Morales.

For some strange reason the episode doesn't have a day or time for broadcast, but unless the BBC are planning to change it each week, it will hopefully be at 10pm on Thursday 2nd April. 

This week, Sheridan Smith (Cilla) leads a cast that includes Tom Riley (Da Vinci's Demons) and Michele Dotrice (Big School).

Christine Clarke brings a new man back to her flat from a New Year's Eve party, and immediately her life starts to unravel. Who is the terrifying stranger that keeps appearing in the flat at night?

Directed by Guillem Morales and Produced by Adam Tandy.

Da Vinci's Demons: Starz site redesign

Starz has redesigned its original programming mini-sites, including Da Vinci's Demons. There is no new content on the Da Vinci's Demons site - the main carousel photos are much larger, which is great, though the cast photos and details section is really slow to navigate through. 

Of note, the large photo of Leonardo and Zo accompanying the season 3 teaser is a little different (and an improvement) to the one released by Starz last year, which was photoshopped to make Leo's hair appear like a greasy helmet (see pic on right).

Starz also updated their Power mini-site with more content for the coming season 2, than they did for Da Vinci's Demons season 3. With no firm date for the broadcast of either show, this may or may not be relevant. 

A random date for the UK broadcast of Da Vinci's Demons season 3 has been posted on this website. No date has been mentioned for the US broadcast, and without a source given for the UK date posted, there is no way of knowing if this is at all accurate.