Mr Malcolm's List: new audio project

At last we have something to keep us going during the Da Vinci's Demons drought! The table read of a screenplay which Tom recorded in the US, for The Black List Table Reads, has been shared online by Wolfpop along with lots of photos. The Black List Table Reads takes the best and most exciting screenplays Hollywood hasn't yet made, and turns them into movies, for your ears.

Described as a little bit Jane Austen, a little bit Oscar Wilde; Tom seems to be playing the title character in Mr Malcolm's List, part 1 of which can be listened to on Soundcloud and on iTunes.

MR. MALCOLM'S LIST is a classic romantic comedy of manners set in 19th-century London about two women who discover an eligible bachelor's list of requirements for the perfect wife, and seek to beat him at his own game.

It isn't clear how many parts there are for Mr Malcolm's List, though previous table read recordings have been released weekly.

Da Vinci's Demons: season 2 costume illustrations

Starz shared some of these sketches last year on Facebook, but artist Andrei Riabovitchev has shared large versions of some gorgeous Da Vinci's Demons season 2 costume designs on his website. The one above for Leonardo is slightly different to the final season 2 costume. 

Check out the other beautiful designs on Andrei's website

Kill Your Friends: Fantasy Film Fest Berlin schedule

The Fantasy Film Fest website has shared the programme schedule for Berlin, which includes timings for the premiere of Kill Your Friends, the opening film of the festival. 

CINESTAR Sony Centre
GB 2015 / 100 min

According to this site, Kill Your Friends will be distributed in Thailand by M Pictures, and is on a release list here for September 24th. For those in the UK who would like the opportunity to attend the special Kill Your Friends event at Festival Number 6 in September, the festival organisers are offering the chance to win tickets. 


Da Vinci's Demons: DaVincians fan mug

A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, a number of Da Vinci's Demons fans were lamenting the lack of official Da Vinci's Demons mercandise, and in particular the lack of a Da Vinci's Demons themed mug. 

The lovely and talented  Rene Ink on Twitter, who has created some amazing Da Vinci's Demons artwork over the last couple of years, very kindly shared one of his extremely cute drawings of Leo for us to decorate a special DaVincians mug!

Should you feel so inclined, the DaVincians Mug is now available to buy from here. You can even choose different styles of mug! Unfortunately, there seems to be no cheap way to make these, though shipping appears to be free. One side of the mug has cute Leo with his genius mug, the other side has  #DaVincians - the hashtag widely used by the Da Vinci's Demons fandom.

Should any more Da Vinci's Demons artwork / doodles be shared, then more mug designs will be created!