The Collection: World Screen interview from April 2016

World Screen has finally shared their video interview with Tom and Mamie Gummer promoting The Collection, recorded at MIPTV back in April 2016. They both discuss what drew them to the show as well as research they did. 

It is sadly not embeddable, so watch it on the World Screen website. I had some trouble trying to watch it as a flash video on the site, so have temprarily uploaded it below, until I can replace it, if / when World Screen share on You Tube.


The Collection: to air worldwide on BBC First

It seems that BBC First viewers worldwide may soon be able to watch Tom as Claude Sabine, with his knitwear and his cat with no name, in The Collection! Can we hope, finally, for more promotional photos and episode stills? A video interview or two, even? To appeal to an online audience... Or is that too radical an idea to promote a brand new show?

We already know that viewers in Singapore will see the show via Starhub, but there is no date confirmed yet. This site reports that The Collection will be showing on BBC First in the Netherlands on November 6th, and it is also coming soon to BBC First South Africa (again, no confirmed date) according to BBC Worldwide

Swedish fans can look forward to watching The Collection on SVT from October 15th 2016. There is a report from the set in Paris in Swedish here. Fans in France will watch sometime in November on France TV, and we have no date for the broadcast in Denmark. US fans have no launch date announced on Amazon US or Masterpiece. 

Starfish: Tom Riley and Downton’s Joanne Froggatt give it their all

New stills from Starfish have been shared on this website, including this one of Tom Riley as Tom Ray. The site also shares a new review snippet for the film, which sadly I have never been able to find online, so have no idea which magazine issue to look in / buy a back copy of. If anyone knows, let me know.

“Heart-rending….Tom Riley and Downton’s Joanne Froggatt give it their all" Kevin Hartley, Total Film

Starfish is released in the UK on October 28th. The official website has some details about cinemas screening the film around the country. Starfish was featured in a local BBC News programme yesterday. Sadly the video no longer seems to be viewable. There were some new glimpses of Tom as Tom Ray shown in the news item. 

There appears to be a red carpet event coming soon for Starfish, along with a Q&A, in New Brighton. The event page is here, but there is no date or any further details about who is attending yet.