Inside No 9: download The 12 Days of Christine script

The script for Inside No 9 'The 12 Days of Christine' has been made available for download from the BBC Writers Room, along with 2 other scripts from Inside No 9 series 1. 

The 12 Days of Christine is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer for another 10 days. For those not in UK, and who have created a UK iTunes account (it's easy - do it), the episode can be bought and downloaded. The series 2 DVD will be available to buy from May 4th 2015.

Da Vinci's Demons: new photo from Bear McCreary

Bear McCreary kindly shared a new photo of himself with Tom and Raya in LA today. No further news about the show yet.



Da Vinci's Demons: Best TV shows to stream online

New Da Vinci's Demons season 2 images have been shared by Far Far Away, including several of Tom as Leonardo. The show has also been included in Newsday's latest list of best shows to binge online (legally!).

"Da Vinci's Demons," Starz Play.

Hey, it wasn't as easy as it looks being one of the greatest geniuses in history who invented just about everything and painted "Mona Lisa" too. He had demons, after all. But Tom Riley as "D" still manages to make it all look fun.


Da Vinci's Demons: season 3 IMDb update

Someone has updated the Da Vinci's Demons IMDb page with a new premiere date for season 3. Friday 12th June.

There has been no news announcements from Starz, no trailer, and no promotion of any kind - with potentially only 8 weeks to go. Also, Power begins on Starz June 6th, and already has lots of promotion. We need to wait for official news, before getting excited.