Da Vinci's Demons: Leo's ideas used against him in season 3

An interview with Tom (in Portugese), from Comic Con Portugal yesterday, has been shared here. The translation may be wildly inaccurate, but Tom seems to have mentioned the same themes for season 3 that were talked about at NYCC. Season 3 is still filming but should finish just before Christmas

  • Leo's ideas and inventions are stolen and used against him
  • Leo spends the new season trying to improve, to find himself
  • No-one is safe in season 3. There may be deaths - deaths of characters loved in previous seasons. Maybe.

APS Portugal shared a number of hi-res photos of the Da Vinci's Demons team, during the press conference in Portugal, on Facebook.

New videos have been shared on Instagram of the panel, the photographs, and the Hall of Fame event. Search Da Vinci's Demons to see them all (of varying quality). This one is of Tom taking selfies with fans after the panel.

Da Vinci's Demons: DVD & Blu-ray release date for France

According to Amazon France, the Da Vinci's Demons season 2 region 2 DVD release will be on 23rd February 2015. Season 2 is currently being broadcast on France 4. 

The French DVD release is before the UK's April 2015 release. Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and several other countries have already released Da Vinci's Demons season 2 on DVD. There is no date for a US region 1 release.

According to Blake Ritson during an interview at Comic Con Portugal this weekend, they don't know the date for the US release, but he does know it needs more bloopers on it - and we should start a petition for Starz to get some included.

Another petition also seems to be needed for the Da Vinci's Demons season 3 trailer, which Starz don't want to share with fans outside comic cons! Come on Starz, release the trailer! Some of us longtime and loyal fans are working very hard to keep the fans engaged, and keep the news circulating, despite half the resources available this time last year. Please don't exclude us for not being able to travel to the cons.

Da Vinci's Demons: Comic Con Portugal selfie & Hall of Fame videos

The editor of People Greece has shared a brief video from the Comic Con Portugal Hall of Fame this afternoon along with this photo, where Tom and the team were in front of (but separated from) fans.

Other videos of Tom, taking the selfie, and after the Da Vinci's Demons panel, can be seen on Instagram.