Pushing Dead: new festival screenings!

News of some new festival screenings for Pushing Dead have been shared online for those in the US and Canada. Details and links to buy tickets are below. Sadly, no new photos of Tom as Mike have been shared to accompany these. 

Reel Pride Fresno

San Diego Film Festival

Calgary International Film Festival
FRIDAY SEPT 30th 2016


Edmonton Film Festival
MONDAY OCT 3rd 2016

The Collection: has more edge than period elegance suggests

The only mention I can find for The Collection in this week's TV magazines, is in the latest Radio Times, which has episode 3 as its pick of the day on 16th September - scan below. The National in Scotland has episode 1  as a highlight. 

THIS stylish new series has been launched on Amazon’s Instant Video service and is being talked about as the French equivalent of Mad Men.

Tom Riley chats The Collection, Da Vinci's Demons, Dark Heart & his fondness for leather

At last we have an interview! The Metro has shared a fun and revealing interview with Tom today, along with a gorgeous photo, in which he chats about the end of Da Vinci's Demons, his character in The Collection, Starfish and how they filmed Dark Heart. Read it in full on the Metro website

As Da Vinci you often sported a leather jerkin. As Claude Sabine in The Collection, you’re in leather again. Something we should know?

You’ve got me — if there’s leather involved in the part, I’m in. I put it in my contract!

Seriously, though, The Collection is a departure from your previous roles. What attracted you to it?

Well, it’s a period drama set in post-war Paris in a world of secrets and collaborators, and you get the sense of a city that’s ashamed of itself, trying to rebuild itself. I play a designer who has to keep his colourful private life private because it would cause a scandal. So he’s a really interesting character. On top of that, there’s a striking sense of style to the show. There’s almost a Mad Men feel to it, I’m very proud of it.