Da Vinci's Demons: soaring production values, and a fascinating lead character

The Da Vinci's Demons season 3 DVD and Blu-ray are released by Starz and Anchor Bay next Tuesday, 26th January 2016. Blu-ray.com has reviewed the Blu-ray, and while the review sadly confirms the lack of any extras in the release, "there's not a supplement to be found: no commentaries, no featurettes, no deleted scenes, nothing...", it has some high praise for the production values and recommends enjoying it as a fun watch.

Season three, and the final go-round for Leo and co., stays the course with plenty of outlandish, but somehow nevertheless interesting and, even occasionally, captivating, forays into the fire as it sprints to the finish line, trying to maintain its momentum, and gain some more, right on through to the end...

...Da Vinci is more enjoyable when absorbed not so much on its depth but rather its surface, to go along for the ride and explore what wild-eyed oddities and twisting curves will pop up next.

Da Vinci's Demons: Everything about Da Vinci’s Demons is first-rate

Movie City News has shared a review of Da Vinci's Demons, in advance of the season 3 DVD and Blu-ray release next week in the US. If you order now from Amazon, it may arrive quicker than you expect - some fans have already received theirs.

Although it would be difficult to exaggerate the amazing achievements of the great Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci, the highly entertaining Starz’ mini-series, “Da Vinci’s Demons,” suggests that he might, in fact, have been the first Marvel superhero.

Impossibly handsome, a gifted swordsman and capable of visualizing complex scientific concepts in thin air, the troubled genius portrayed by Tom Riley more closely resembles Leonardo di Caprio or Leon Trotsky than the “portrait of a man in red chalk,” attributed to a 60-year-old Da Vinci, currently housed at Turin’s Biblioteca Reale.

Da Vinci's Demons: binge worthy Starz series

With Starz releasing season 3 of Da Vinci's Demons on DVD and Blu-ray next Tuesday, 26th January, Hypable included the show in a list of binge worthy shows to watch. Hypable also have the entire series as a give away. 

If you thought that Leonardo DaVinci was a painter who was most famous for the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper, think again. He was an inventor, a dreamer, and a man ahead of his time.

Da Vinci’s Demons very much plays up the idea that DaVinci was the total Renaissance man who knew much more than history would like us to believe. They’ve created a reality meets fantasy world where DaVinci’s inventions and Italian and Papal intrigue collide.

Remember Amazon Prime still has the free trial of Starz should you want to watch online. And this website's free give-away for fans worldwide is open until 26th January. Don't forget to enter

Kill Your Friends: US theatrical release date

According to the LA Times and this site, Kill Your Friends has a planned limited theatrical release date of March 25th 2016 in the US.

March 25

Kill Your Friends A soulless A&R man slashes his way through the London music scene in 1997. With Nicholas Hoult, James Corden. Directed by Owen Harris. WellGo USA Entertainment

The date is weirdly 1 month after the film is supposed to have a digital release on US iTunes on February 26th 2016 - it is available now for pre-order on US iTunes. No US DVD release date is available yet, though Amazon.com has Tom's book narration available to buy and download. 

UK fans can pre-order Kill Your Friends from UK Amazon (released on March 7th 2016) and UK iTunes (expected February 29th 2016).