Starfish: features stunning performances from Tom Riley & Joanne Froggatt

There is an audio interview with director Bill Clark on this website (and embedded below), recorded while he has been in Nantes for the Festival Univerciné Britannique. Starfish was being screened this week, in competition at the festival, and the site has kind words to say about the performances in the film.

The film features stunning performances from Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt and is not just based on truth but a completely true account of the events of a couple from the East Midlands in England; Tom and Nicola Ray.

Pushing Dead: POZ Awards 2016 Best in Film winner

POZ Magazine has revealed the winners of its 2016 Awards, which spotlight the best representations of HIV/AIDS in media and culture, and Pushing Dead won 'Best in Film or Television'.

Best in Film or Television: Pushing Dead When you hear the words HIV, bureaucracy and gentrification, you don't exactly think laugh riot. But that's exactly what this film tries to accomplish: a movie about the frustrations of living and loving with HIV in a rapidly changing San Francisco.

Pushing Dead on Twitter kindly shared a new photo of Tom, as Mike, in Pushing Dead.

Starfish: shooting a full length feature film, in just 25 days

This time last year, Starfish was being filmed in Rutland. Director of photography, Clive Norman, shared a trailer on Vimeo, with a lot of fascinating detail about how the film was shot, and the challenges everyone faced. Something very special was created in such a short time. An incredible feat by all involved.

This film was a challenge from the word "GO"........there was only a small window of time where both main artistes were available, JUST 25 DAYS. I had heard that "The Dallas buyers club" had been shot in 28 days so I knew it could be done with the right scheduling and planning. So we set out to make it happen.

I knew there was going to be very little time for fancy lighting. I would have to use natural light most of the time and tickle a bit of my own light in here and there. Firstly, I worked closely with David Bryan the production designer. We planned for the interior sets to have plenty of suitable practical lighting so the room interiors were virtually pre-lit. This enabled me to use very little additional lighting. It also gave us full flexibility on camera to shoot 360 degrees, without having to waste any time re-lighting. We could have had a truck load of lighting, dollys and cranes but we would not have had the time to use any of them.

The Collection: new France 3 promotional website

In advance of the broadcast of The Collection on France 3 from December 29th 2016, France Televisions has created a mini-site for the show. It has new photos of the cast, including Tom as Claude Sabine, lovely images of the dress designs and character bios for the main cast. In short, SO much more than Amazon ever shared, which is great for fans.