The Nevers: Riley is extremely endearing as Augie

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The Nevers launches in the UK on Sky Atlantic tonight, and is also available to stream from NOW TV. In advance of the UK premiere, a great new review for The Never has been shared online by critic Matthew Turner, who loved the show and had kind words to say about Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. Read it in full on the Hero Collector website.


The Nevers: the cast preview UK launch on Sky Atlantic 17th May

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Heatworld UK has shared a great new video of interviews with the cast of The Nevers, prior to the UK broadcast on Sky Atlantic on MOnday 17th May. Tom Riley and James Norton are funny, seemingly reprising their character traits from the show. Tom again shares his eggy superpower, and promises he broke no rules on set. James apparently broke them all. I wonder if Tom isn't doing his old party trick of jumping like Tigger onto a table from standing (a skill from his Dad) anymore?!


Tom Riley reveals his love for photography

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A fascinating new interview with Tom Riley for LeoEdit.com has been posted online. Unusually, while it is promoting his current role in The Nevers, Tom mainly shares his love for all things photography, and includes the self portrait above (how many mirrors?). We find out about Tom's favourite photographs, muses, and dream cameras. Read the interview in full on LeoEdit.com.



The Nevers: Augie Bidlow and Hugo Swann character portrait

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HBO has shared a new promotional video on the official website for The Nevers, in which Tom Riley and James Norton chat about their characters. I haven't seen any more than the first 2 episodes so be warned that this may be spoilerish for UK fans. The video is geoblocked unfortunately. 




The Nevers: new Collider interview with Tom Riley and James Norton

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The season 1 part 1 finale preview video has been shared online, with the most we have seen of Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow to date! There is a fabulous interview with production designer Gemma Jackson, who reveals some fascinating insight into how they created The Nevers. 


The Nevers: behind the scenes of Da Man shoot

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Da Man magazine has shared a great video of Tom Riley behind the scenes of his recent photoshoot and interview for them, promoting HBO's The Nevers. It inclused a special Tom Riley message at the end. 


The Nevers: fabulous new photoshoot and interview for ContentMode magazine

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A fabulous new interview and photoshoot with Tom Riley has been shared online by Content Mode magazine. Tom chats about prepping a new feature film, working on The Nevers and The Woman in the House, as well as his hankering to do more Da Vinci's Demons. Tom already posted most of the photos on his Instagram account, but check out the full interview on the Content Mode website.


The Nevers: new interview with Tom Riley and James Norton for UPROXX

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Uproxx has shared a new interview with Tom Riley and James Norton, who are both funny and charming as they chat about the last couple of episodes of The Nevers. It would seem that the orgy scenes may have been filmed in Chislehurst Caves.


The Nevers: new interview with Tom Riley and James Norton for AV Club

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A great new interview with Tom Riley and James Norton has been shared by AV Club. They both talk about the relationship between their characters Augie Bidlow and Hugo Swann, and what Augie's superpowers might be useful for. 

A recap for episode 3 has been shared by CNet.com. I have no idea if it is accurate, as I cannot view the rset of the series until it is broadcast in UK. 


The Nevers: behind the scenes of episode 2

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HBO has shared a behind the scenes video for The Nevers episode 2. It has longer interviews with Tom Riley discussing his character Augustus Bidlow and his budding relationship with Penance Adair. We also get some peeks behind the scenes from filming the episode, the interiors filmed at West Wykham House. Like all the videos that HBO are sharing to promote the show now, including the podcasts, this featurette is geoblocked. Still have no idea why they think this is a sensible way to encourage worldwide fan interest.