The Nevers: Tom Riley reveals how he prepares for his role as Augustus Bidlow

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A new cast promotional photos has been shared online, which includes Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow! We have also been lucky in that HBO has shared the below interview with Tom, revealing how he prepares for his role in The Nevers, which premieres tonight at 9pm on HBO!



The Nevers: Tom Riley interview with British GQ

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A new interview with Tom Riley has been shared by British GQ magazine, in which Tom discusses his character Augustus Bidlow, and working with Joss Whedon. The Nevers begins pm tomorrow night on HBO! Image above from the Da Man photoshoot.


The Nevers: Tom reveals which superpower he would like to have

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ET Canada shared a short video with some of the cast of The Nevers, where they discuss which super power they would all like to have. Tom Riley reveals he would like to have speed, so he can do more each day. Watch the video below. 


The Nevers: Tom Riley discusses his character Augustus Bidlow

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We are spoiled this week. Another lovely new interview with Tom Riley has been shared by AP News to promote The Nevers, and Tom reveals quite a lot about his character Augustus Bidlow. One of the producers has some very kind words to say about Tom as Augustus, and reveals that filming for the second half of the series begins in June! The Nevers premieres this Sunday at 9pm on HBO. 


Da Man interview and photoshoot

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In advance of the premiere of The Nevers on HBO this coming Sunday evening, a new interview and photoshoot with Tom Riley to promote the show can be found in the latest Da Man magazine. Links to buy the digital version of the magazine can be found here. Only the Gramedia link has the latest issue with Tom's interview so far. 


The Nevers: cast behind the scenes interviews

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HBO has shared a new preview video for The Nevers and it includes behind the scenes interviews with the cast. We finally get to see more of Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow, and see him chat briefly about The Nevers - our first interview with Tom for AGES! A special birthday treat for Tom Riley fans. 


The Honest Actors' Podcast interview with Tom Riley

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An interview with Tom Riley for The Honest Actors' Podcast, which was recorded in October 2018, is available to listen to / download from iTunes, Spotify and Acast. 


The Toll Road: Tom discusses Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows

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The official website for The Toll Road has an interview with Tom about making the short film, as well as an extended statement from him as a director. Read them in full on the website. Tom chats about Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows, as well as the serious business of making The Toll Road.


Dark Heart: new interview chatting Dark Heart, Da Vinci's Demons, and directing

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A new interview with Tom Riley has been shared by Collider.com. In it, Tom discusses Dark Heart (he would love to do more episodes), directing The Toll Road, writing, and a bit about Da Vinci's Demons. Apparently Tom has also added to his producer credits with Dark Heart! The article states that the interview was conducted by phone, so explains the weird mixed metaphors, and some oddly difficult to decipher sentences.


Dark Heart: new preview videos promoting the ITV finale tonight at 9pm

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In advance of tonight's nail-biting final episode of Dark Heart, ITV has shared 3 new preview videos.The first is a tense scene between Tom Riley's and Charlotte Riley's characters.