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Decider has posted a third part from their interview with Tom, chatting about The Collection, now available to stream on Amazon Prime USA. Read it in full here. Tom provides more background to his character's relationship with Nina in the series (video clip showing their bond is at the bottom of this post). 

Riley told us, “The stuff with Claude, they’ve got such a weird, close sort of messed up relationship of un-reciprocated love. Unrequited love on her part. He does love her but as a friend and he’s unable to give her what she needs. Yet he kind of wants to and they have a weird sexual chemistry despite his sexuality. That for me is the most complex and interesting relationship in the show and working with Jenna was just a ball. She’s the most French person I’ve ever met in my life.”

What specifically makes Thiam “so French?” It’s not necessarily her background. Thiam told an English interviewer that even though she’s “a real Parisienne,” she’s half Belgian and half Armenian on her mother’s side, and part Senegalese and English on her father’s. Riley was specifically talking about Thiam’s approach to acting: “Jenna approaches it in this very French, kind of natural real way so she really feels the scene. She’s genuinely upset when she’s upset. You have to be very sensitive and tender around her.”

A new interview with Oliver Goldstick has been shared by WWD, and he offers insight into the attention to period detail during filming, as well as the inspiration for the characters and storylines. 

It would be fair to say that the very few reviews which have appeared online have been mixed, and annoyingly one has been syndicated, and so seems to be appearing everywhere. TV Worth Watching enjoyed it, and if you also watched the show and liked it, do post your positive thoughts on the Amazon website, to give some balance. Indie Wire liked much about The Collection, but from the review, it would seem a lot has been edited from the first episodes. 

Overall, “The Collection” is a visually and conceptually arresting drama that shows potential.

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