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Confusingly, while Den of Geek.com posted a mixed review of the Da Vinci's Demons finale this week, it turns out that the site is UK based, and the US version Den of Geek website has shared a brilliant review of the whole series, telling us why we should be watching the show. Read it in full here

With these players in place, Da Vinci’s Demons weaves its tale of history, morality, passion, humanism, and betrayal. The show does not shy away from themes of homosexuality, as in one episode Da Vinci is accused of sodomy and refuses to dispute the charges because the act, in his opinion, should not be seen as wrong.

Da Vinci’s sees pleasure in beauty and is almost beyond the limits of gender constraints. He is a sensualist willing to try anything to bring himself to a perfect level of the human experience. The show does a great job incorporating Da Vinci’s real life designs into the action. Famous designs seen in Da Vinci’s own journals make it into the show as he serves as his own Q, making gadgets and devices to help him to defeat the Church and on his quest to find his mother.

The show used his famous hang glider, his diving suit, and a myriad of guns and other explosives to help him defeat overwhelming odds. Da Vinci fears the consequences of what his weapons will mean for the future world, and as a futurist, envisions the day where battlefields will be filled with his terrible designs.

Da Vinci's Demons keeps it ambiguous about whether demons and mysticism are real. After all, this isn't a documentary, it’s a fun, action filled, sexy drama, with a modern hero existing in ancient times. And Da Vinci fights Dracula…if that doesn’t sell the show to you nothing will.

The UK broadcasts the finale this Friday 14th of June, and Canada airs the premiere on Super Channel. SFX have shared another preview interview with David S. Goyer to promote the episode, and this time the video includes some Tom!

The video was recorded at the Neath premier of Da Vinci's Demons in April, and another video from the same event has also been uploaded today. David S. Goyer presents the show, and we see quite a few glimpses of Tom throughout.

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