Another new interview with Tom and David S. Goyer, recorded at NYCC last year, has been shared by Red Dot Diva. We have seen the interview before, but the article also shares some gorgeous photos of Tom, and adds great flavour to the round table interview.  Check it all out on the Red Dot Diva website

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In this early morning press session, Tom Riley, who plays young Leonard Da Vinci the legendary inventor and artist from history, and the series' creator David S. Goyer talked about what viewers could expect in Season 2.

Still in his "Leo" facial hair and his shaggier Season 2 mop tucked neatly into a cute beanie, Red Dot Diva found it difficult not to be enraptured by the beauty that is Tom Riley. Special mention has to also be given to Those.Distracting.Biceps of his (O.M.G.). Creator/ producer/ writer David S. Goyer, with his gorgeous tattooed arms, held a special presence of his own too.

Both were in a very good mood, and greeted everyone with a cheery 'Good morning!'. Tom jumped on the spot a little before he settled into his seat. "Shake it out! Sleepy!" He grinned, as he tried to energize himself.

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