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In advance of tonight's nail-biting final episode of Dark Heart, ITV has shared 3 new preview videos.The first is a tense scene between Tom Riley's and Charlotte Riley's characters. The second is a trailer for the whole final storyline, and the third a teaser promoting the finale, which is pick of the day on for most online news outlets: including the i-newspaper, Daily Express (both with new photos of Tom as DI Wagstaffe), and The Herald. Watch on ITV at 9pm. Catch up with previous episodes via ITV Hub.

The Daily Express shared an interview with Tom, but it is such a mashup of articles they posted before, it is difficult to pick out new bon mots. 

Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s final, star of the show Tom Riley exclusively told Express.co.uk:

“The cases continue to be as fascinating and unexpected and darker, but the overarching arc of what happens to Will and his sister in their past gets deeper and more interesting. “There’s a great arc for Charlotte and how she eventually reacts to everything she’s been bottling up. Just keep watching, why aren’t you watching it? Keep watching it. Will and his sister Juliet… they are for me the heart of the show, the two of them.

“They’re the only two people who understand what the other has been through and yet neither of them recognise that the other’s way of dealing with it is the correct way. “So they have each other in so much as they share this trauma and they are deeply connected to one another but they also dismiss the way the other one feels about it. And I think that’s a really interesting dynamic to play.”



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