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A new interview with Tom and Mark Gatiss for HitFix has been shared online. Tom and Mark discuss creating the Robot of Sherwood episode, which will broadcast on BBC1 tomorrow night at 7.30pm. Read the whole interview on HitFix.

Tom, when you agreed to play the legendary Robin Hood, did you know if your character was trustworthy or not?

Tom Riley: Yes I knew. I’d read the script and I knew who he was and what he was and wasn’t hiding. But also I knew that just the fact the Doctor doesn’t believe that he’s not real was a license to play him up and be that huge bright, beaming hero and not be apologetic about it.

Was it part of your Bucket List to play a character on “Doctor Who”?

TR: Absolutely. Mark will testify for that. He knows it was something I desperately wanted to do. You hope that if you get a chance to do “Doctor Who” it will be as something memorable and iconic and not someone who pops in and out of a scene. But I would’ve done that too. I would’ve quite happily turned up. It was the final thing on the Bucket list. I’ve got nothing left now.

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