Doctor Who: Tom would love to reprise his role as Robin Hood

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Another new interview with Tom for Digital Spy has been shared online, in which he chats about his role as Robin Hood in last year's Doctor Who episode 'Robot of Sherwood'. Read it in full on Digital Spy.


Doctor Who: 10th Anniversary message from Tom

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The Radio Times has shared a message from Tom for the 10th Anniversary of the new Doctor Who.

Dear Nu-Who,


Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood MTV & Radio Times interviews

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When it came to actual filming, though, one of the biggest challenges for Riley was the early sequence in which he, with a sword, goes up against Capaldi's mighty spoon.


Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood behind the scenes, fact file & interviews

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After the fantastic Doctor Who 'Robot of Sherwood' episode finished this evening, the BBC website uploaded a brilliant behind the scenes video, shared some great set photos from Caerphilly Castle, and posted a fact file for the episode.


Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood interview with Doctor Who TV

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Who do you play in this week’s episode and can you briefly describe your character?

I play a man who at least claims to be Robin, Earl of Locksley - someone that the Doctor is convinced never existed and is entirely fictional. He’s a man filled with passion and heart, and who finds pretty much anything and everything funny. Not least the Doctor himself.

What were you doing when you found out you’d been cast in Doctor Who?


Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood interview for HitFix

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A new interview with Tom and Mark Gatiss for HitFix has been shared online. Tom and Mark discuss creating the Robot of Sherwood episode, which will broadcast on BBC1 tomorrow night at 7.30pm. Read the whole interview on HitFix.

Tom, when you agreed to play the legendary Robin Hood, did you know if your character was trustworthy or not?


Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood feature and interview

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The brand new 477 issue of Doctor Who Magazine has a fantastic feature on Tom's episode in the new Doctor Who series - 'Robot of Sherwood'. There are new photos of Tom as Robin Hood, and also a great interview with Tom about his role in the new series, and his boyhood love for Doctor Who. The magazine is available to buy now, though scans are in the galleries. 

There's a hint of the rock star about your Robin


Doctor Who: series 8 broadcast date & SFX article

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Episode Three Writer:
Mark Gatiss (his seventh story for the show)

Paul Murphy (Wizards Vs Aliens, Brookside, Casualty)


Doctor Who: from Swansea to Cardiff

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The buzz online today, following the announcement of Tom's appearance in series 8 of Doctor Who, has been amazing. A long term fan, Tom is clearly excited about being part of the show, and mentioned it (without revealing any details) in a recent interview for Screen Crush. 

But I’m about to do an indie movie, then I’m going to do something for two weeks that I can’t talk about but I’m so excited about my brain wants to pop, and that will just about fit until we go again.