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Another new interview with Tom for Digital Spy has been shared online, in which he chats about his role as Robin Hood in last year's Doctor Who episode 'Robot of Sherwood'. Read it in full on Digital Spy.

The Da Vinci's Demons star played the mythic hero in last year's 'Robot of Sherwood' and told Digital Spy that he would "do it again in a minute".

"I know with Matt Smith, they would bring back 'all the gang' - Jenny (Catrin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starkey) and all that lot would reappear in his finales," Riley said. "So I'm not against the idea.

"It's tough, because the character is so out there that I don't quite know how he'd fit into all of space and time. But I would do it in an instant."

Riley described his co-star Peter Capaldi as an "incredible Doctor" - having worked with the actor on one of his earliest outings as the Time Lord. "It was great to bounce off him and watch him work out who his Doctor was as he was going along," Riley said. "It was an incredible few weeks. I loved it."

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