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An interview recorded at NYCC last year has finally been shared online. Tom chats in the FOXlight studio about season 3, and even does a little sketch. The video is embedded below, and is not geo-blocked! It even has a brilliant new scene between Leo and Alfonso, which clearly won't end well...

According to actor Tom Riley, "Da Vinci's Demons" will delve even further into his character's psyche when it returns for a third season — but that doesn't mean the show is ditching the formula that made it a hit with viewers. It's just having its own little renaissance of sorts.

"We're not skimping on the explosions and the action and the swordfights … but we've kind of upped the ante emotionally," explains Riley, who stars as a young Da Vinci in the hit STARZ series. "We're really going to investigate just quite how everything that's come before has emotionally impacted our character."

Riley also reveals that he, himself, is constantly learning new things about Da Vinci during the course of filming. "I didn't know that he dug up dead bodies, or that he got people to dig up dead bodies for him," says Riley. "He literally got people out of the ground, cut them in half [and] filled them with candle wax so he could see exactly how people worked inside." "Apparently, if that had been known, or his work had been published, he would've been the most important anatomist that ever lived," he adds.

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