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Showtime has shared a new preview video for episode 1, in advance of Ill Behaviour's broadcast next Monday, 13th November. In addition, a couple of great articles have been shared online; My San Antonio also sharing some new episode stills, including the gorgeous one above of Tom Riley and Chrissy Chong.  

Cancer, chemo, kidnapping, sexual addiction and threats of murder may add up to meaty TV drama, but can these ingredients also be the stuff of good comedy? Surprisingly, the answer is yes — if it’s done well. That’s the case with “Ill Behaviour,” a British television romp from Sam Bain. Its six episodes debut at 9:30 p.m. Monday on Showtime. Sure, its laughs are generally on the dark side, but they’re plentiful nonetheless. At the heart of “Behaviour” is friendship, and the love, concern and messy conflict that often accompanies it — clashing personalities, jealousy, resentment, things like that. One reason for the comedy’s success is an appealing central quartet of actors: Brits Chris Geere (“You’re the Worst”) and Tom Riley (“DaVinci’s Demons”); Ireland’s Jessica Regan (“Call the Midwife”); and America’s Lizzy Caplan (“Masters of Sex”). My San Antonio

If you're looking for a cross between Shameless and The Big C, you won't want to miss the hit BBC series Ill Behaviour. The show follows a group of three friends who do a terrible job at dealing with a shocking cancer diagnosis, with drinking, cross bows and sex used as treatment. The hilariously dark comedy stars Chris Geere (You're the Worst) and Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex). The Loop

And Indie Wire didn't love the show, but did have kind words to say about the performances, including Tom as Charlie.

Riley snags the most complete character, but that’s simply because he’s the straight man. Charlie’s wholesome resilience doesn’t falter, and his devout code would be more admirable if it was a bit more interesting. (Riley, however, is very interesting, giving a committed turn despite being asked to recite the same lines over and over again.)

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