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HBO has shared a new preview video for The Nevers and it includes behind the scenes interviews with the cast. We finally get to see more of Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow, and see him chat briefly about The Nevers - our first interview with Tom for AGES! A special birthday treat for Tom Riley fans. 

io9 shared a review of The Nevers in advance of this coming Sunday's series launch on HBO, and includes more about Tom Riley's character.

But The Nevers still does a reasonably good job fleshing out the relationships between the women, even as it leans into Penance’s interest in Augie and Amalia’s affair with a Touched (male) doctor to make sure we know Penance and Amalia are, alas, destined to be strictly platonic (fandom will enjoy the pairing nonetheless). And the terrors The Nevers explores are certainly worthy; along with operating under an oppressive cloud of misogyny, it digs into worker’s rights, class warfare, actual warfare, violent persecution, and that cheery trio of pain, guilt, and grief. Despite that, there’s a wicked sense of humor running through all but the most somber scenes; while making a convoluted and daring escape in the pilot episode, Amalia looks over to the terrified girl she and Penance are in the process of saving and wryly assures her, “This is weird for us too!” Hey, it’s also weird for us, Amalia—but we’re still intrigued enough to see where all this weirdness is going to take us.

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