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Sky Atlantic in the UK has launched its website page for The Nevers. The series (part 1) begins broadcast on 17th May, and all episodes will also be available for download on the same day. 

They even used the promotional poster which includes Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow. 

There is a great interview with Seamus McGarvey about The Nevers on this website.

BTL: Was this shoot predominantly locations or soundstages?

McGarvey: We had quite a few sets, and actually some of our locations had sets built onto them to create an amalgam. The orphanage is a real building, but it also had appendages of Gemma Jackson’s sets built onto them. The police station was a set, the opening sequence was a set, so I’d estimate it’s probably in the range of 60 percent locations, 40 percent sets.

BTL: How much time did you have per episode?
McGarvey: I think about four weeks. It was hard work but it was such a joyful shoot. The cast and crew were fantastic. I have a regular camera crew I’ve worked with on many films, so that was good. Our first day on the shoot was in Penance’s [Ann Skelly] workshop, which is one of the loveliest sets I’ve ever worked on. Just in terms of lighting through that wonderful glass window, big lights right outside the window. It was fantastic to have the freedom of movement, it felt like it was really lit by the sky outside although we were within this studio.

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