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Tom Riley's next project, HBO's 10 episode drama series The Nevers, has been on hiatus since the Covid 19 lockdown was announced in the UK. Obviously everyone in the industry (as well as we fans) is hoping that TV and film production can get started again. If you are interested in how high end TV productions will adapt to Covid 19, you may be interested in the guidance that the British Film Commission has released this month. It would seem that there are hopes that UK screen productions could start again in July. More information is also available on C21 media.

The UK’s film and high-end TV industry has moved a step closer to re-opening with the publication of new coronovirus safety guidelines, claimed to be the most comprehensive in the world. The UK government has given the green light to the British Film Commission (BFC)’s production guidance for film and high-end TV drama, available here. It is hoped this will mean the UK screen sector can safely restart production as early as July to help support the country’s economic recovery.

While high-end TV production remains on hold, lower-scale productions such as ITV soap Coronation Street are set to resume filming, possibly next week. The guidance has been drawn up with the views of UK and US organisations involved in the full gamut of production, from large international franchises to independent production, studios, streamers, unions and UK-wide industry bodies. It includes rules on physical distancing, safety training and temperature tests and is intended as advisory, not mandatory.



James Norton, who plays Hugo Swan - best friend of Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow, was recently interviewed about his Type 1 Diabetes in aid of JDRF UK, and he mentioned The Nevers briefly during the interview. It is available to watch on Instagram.


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