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Tom Riley fans in Germany have an early Christmas gift! While the German DVD release for Pushing Dead has been delayed until next week - pre order now on Amazon DE - it is now available to stream digitally. Buy and / or rent on iTunes, Google, Videoload and Amazon

Tom Riley plays HIV positive artist Mike in Pushing Dead, an indie comedy by Tom Brown, filmed in San Francisco in 2015. Mike is a love interest for James Roday's lead character Dan. The film has been screened at a lot of festivals around the world, winning a number of best film awards on the way. US fans will be able to see Pushing Dead sometime in the new year - date to be confirmed. Keep an eye on the official website for updates.

Dan’s been HIV positive for 22 years. He’s got his $3,000-a-month pill regimen down like clockwork, but when he deposits a $100 birthday check and suddenly doesn’t qualify for his assisted healthcare plan, he’s got to scramble to get his life together or risk losing it.

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