Pushing Dead: now available online for US fans

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Tom Riley fans in the US can now purchase Pushing Dead via iTunes, Google / You Tube and Amazon. For fans outside the US, and without a US iTunes account, it's farly easy to buy via Google and Paypal, though you may need to bypass the geo-blocking. 

Otherwise, the DVD and digital versions of Pushing Dead are only available in Germany.


Pushing Dead: US iTunes release on 17th April 2018

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The official Pushing Dead twitter announced that the film would be released on US iTunes on 17th April 2018. It is available now for pre-order. There doesn't appear to be any sign of a Region 1 DVD release, or any kind of a UK release. Fans can always buy the region 2 German DVD which has subtitles. 


Pushing Dead: new film clip featuring Tom Riley's character

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To promote another pre-release screening in Portland, Oregon on April 11th 2018, the Pushing Dead facebook page has finally shared a new video clip that includes Tom Riley as Mike. German fans have been able to buy the Pushing Dead DVD and download the VOD for months now, but US (and UK) fans are still waiting for news of a release. Until then, enjoy the clip. 


Pushing Dead: German DVD release delayed but available for streaming

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Tom Riley fans in Germany have an early Christmas gift! While the German DVD release for Pushing Dead has been delayed until next week - pre order now on Amazon DE - it is now available to stream digitally.


Pushing Dead: new poster and video clip

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In advance of the premiere of Pushing Dead at Frameline 40 Festival in San Francisco next week, a film poster has been released. Sadly, Tom isn't one of the top billed names on it. Twitch Film also shared a new clip for the film, featuring Danny Glover and James Roday. Again, no sign of Tom as Mike. Check it all out on the Twitch Film website.