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A frustrating lack of promotional material was shared to promote Starfish when it was released last October. For a small, independent film, stills and behind the scenes photos are a cheap and easy to distribute promotional resource, to reach potential viewers. Fans who went to the special screenings around the country were the only ones to be able to see the lovely behind the scenes glimpses from making the film, in the post screening feature. 

Lucky for us, photos still trickle through online. Melissa Lackersteen, the make-up and hair designer on Starfish, has kindly shared several hi-res stills of Tom Riley as Tom Ray on her IMDb page. In addition, Land's End has shared a great photo (above) from the set of Starfish on their website, to accompany a blog post by Tom Ray about making the film. The photo shows Tom Ray, Nicola Ray, Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt. Read the post in full on the Land's End website.

The film follows the drama of my sudden Sepsis back at the turn of the millennium, from the initial medical crisis, through my quadruple amputations, facial reconstruction, rehabilitation and return home. It's brutal, ugly, sad, romantic, shocking, funny, poignant, honest and truly beautiful. I've watched it twenty times now, there are still moments that make me weep inside, bringing back painful memories (my two year old daughter, Grace, so shocked when she first sees my amputated face) and other shots that fill me with joy (Tom Riley & Jo Froggatt's beautiful portrayal of the enduring romance between my wife & I).

There is no news about a DVD / Blu-ray release for the film yet, but Starfish continues to have intermittent screenings around the country. Keep an eye out for one in your area. 

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