Kill Your Friends


Adaptation of novel by John Niven directed by Owen Harris


The film is set in London circa 1997 and explores the dark side of the Britpop era. During a time when British music was on a winning streak and those involved believed they could do no wrong, A&R agent Stelfox discovers it can all come crashing down.

Tom's roles

1. Parker-Hall - nemesis of Nicholas Hoult's Stelfox

I thought the script was incredible, savage, brutal and funny, and unlike anything I had ever done before. So I went back and read the book and thought I had to be part of this.

2. Narrator - unabridged audiobook

Filming location

Principal photography began 10 March 2014 at Pinewood Studios London and finished 11th April 2014.

Release Dates

UK - November 6th 2015
Estonia - November 13th 2015
Switzerland (German language) - November 19th 2015
Thailand - November 26th 2015
France - December 2nd 2015
US - April 1st 2016
Germany - early 2016

Festival Screenings

Fantasy Filmfest - 5th August 2015 World Premiere
Festival Number 6 - Sept 2015
Zurich Film Festival - Sept 2015
Toronto International Film Festival - Sept 2015
26th Dinard British Film Festival - Sept / Oct 2015
Mill Valley Film Festival, California - Oct 2015
British Film Fest Australia - Oct / Nov 2015

DVD & Digital

iTunes UK March 24th 2016
iTunes US March 22nd 2016


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