The Nevers: 11th April 2021 premiere date set!

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It is the Television Critics Association Winter Tour 2021 time, and HBO announced the fantastic news that The Nevers will premiere on Sunday 11th April 2021. Whilst in years past Tom Riley attended the TCAs promoting Da Vinci's Demons, this year, due to covid and other creative issues currently in the news, it seems that The Nevers launch is quite low key. We know that the series will be shooting the second half of season 1 in UK soon, having wrapped 6 episodes (season 1a), late 2020.


The Nevers: trailer released for Sky UK and NOW TV

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Great news for Tom Riley fans in the UK. Sky UK has released The Nevers trailer, and has announced that the 6 part sci-fi series created by Joss Whedon will broadcast on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV, though hasn't offered a broadcast date. I also see worldwide HBO accounts promoting the trailer for The Nevers on social media, so the series will be viewed internationally.


The Nevers: first trailer released and it will broadcast in April!

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Such exciting news! HBO has released the first teaser trailer for The Nevers, and announced that we will see the series broadcast in April! That will be quite the treat to celebrate Tom Riley's birthday, though we don't know the exact broadcast date as yet. 

We get a few fantastic glimpses of Tom Riley as Augstus Bidlow in the trailer, along with some fabulous action scenes with leads Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly. 


The Nevers: official HBO website launched

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This is all getting even more exciting and very rea! HBO has launched the official website for The Nevers! The sci-fi drama will broadcast on HBO and HBO Max this summer, though no date has been announced yet. The website currently offers the background information and cast details at vthe mpoment, but promises that more content will be added. Tom Riley will play Augustus Bidlow in the (now) 12 episode series, which will apparently be shown in 2 parts.


The Nevers: in pre-production for second half of season 1

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The Nevers started as an exciting 10 episode direct to series sci-fi drama created by Joss Whedon for HBO, and was announced as such way back in July 2019, with Tom Riley's role as Augustus Bidlow. Filming started summer 2019, and we saw hints that episode 1 completed filming by August 14th 2019. Then everything stopped for 5 months.


The Nevers: Philippa Goslett announced as new show runner

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Deadline has announced some very exciting news about The Nevers today. While most fans will still be feeling feeling sad at Joss Whedon's departure from the series he created, HBO has announced that Phillipa Goslett is the new show runner. This obviously bodes well for the future of The Nevers, which is due to broadcast on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK. No broadcast date has been announced.


The Nevers: an epic and dramatic sci-fi adventure you won't want to miss

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Although HBO' sci-fi drama series The Nevers will broadcast on HBO Max this coming summer, no date has yet been confirmed. We had the very first exciting glimpse of the show in December, and The Nevers continues to be on the radar of a number of online magazines and new outlets, including Town and Country, Buzzfeed, SF Gate, and N


Cake FX: audition sketch for FX and Hulu

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Here is a lovely 2021 treat for fans of Tom Riley and comedy, especially as we wait for more news about HBO's The Nevers. Tom Riley and Nick Kocher shared a hilarious comedy sketch video on Instagram. Written by Nick Kocher for Cake FX, a comedy series shown on the FX channel and Hulu, Tom can be seen performing in a nightmare audition scene. The websites for Cake on FX and Hulu are not accessible outside the US unfortunately, so I am not sure when Tom's scene will be broadcast.


The Nevers: for Whedonites, comic book nerds, & period drama fanatics alike.

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The Observer includes HBO's The Nevers - Joss Whedon delivers a slice of Victorian gothic fantasy - in their look at the top TV treats to raise your spirits in 2021. Decider has revealed its list of most anticipated shows for 2021, and it also includes The Nevers on HBO. Decider appears to have identified who the Victorian peri


The Nevers: HBO series to be excited about & a strong cast

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HBO's The Nevers is mentioned in a few more online entertainment news sites in anticipation of its broadcast this coming summer. Tom Riley plays Augustus Bidlow in the sci-fi series written and directed by Joss Whedon. Hopefully we wont have to wait too long for more promo photos and a trailer.

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