Dancing At Lughnasa: cast revealed for new National Theatre play

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Exciting news for Tom Riley fans. Tom's name has been added to the cast list for a play revival at the National Theatre in London: Dancing At Lughnasa. The production opens in previews on 6th April (the day after Tom's birthday). It will be wonderful to see Tom perform on stage again, especially directed by the brilliant Josie Rourke. Tom is listed as playing the character Gerry. 

Harvest time in County Donegal, 1936.


The Woman In The House: new limited series for Netflix

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Fantastic news has been announced today! Tom Riley will star alongside Kristen Bell in a new limited series The Woman In The House for Netflix. Deadline shared more details along with the above images. More news will be shared as I find it. Not sure when filming will start on this, given that The Nevers is still to commence shooting season 1b with the new showrunner Philippa Goslett. 


Cake FX: audition sketch for FX and Hulu

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Here is a lovely 2021 treat for fans of Tom Riley and comedy, especially as we wait for more news about HBO's The Nevers. Tom Riley and Nick Kocher shared a hilarious comedy sketch video on Instagram. Written by Nick Kocher for Cake FX, a comedy series shown on the FX channel and Hulu, Tom can be seen performing in a nightmare audition scene. The websites for Cake on FX and Hulu are not accessible outside the US unfortunately, so I am not sure when Tom's scene will be broadcast.


The Nevers: fantastic new HBO project announced

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The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tom Riley has joined the cast of "The Nevers", a series created by Joss Whedon for HBO - his character is apparently called Augustus "Augie" Bidlow. There doesn't appear to be any details about where or when the series is filming. 


Kill 'Em All: new audiobook available for pre-order

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For fans of Tom Riley's voice, who enjoyed his narration of Kill Your Friends, there is some wonderful news. It seems that Tom has narrated the sequel to Kill Your Friends by John Niven, whilst in LA.


The Toll Road: new short film directing project

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Tom Riley tweeted the other day about currently baking something nuts in the US, and we finally have a little more information about it. I had hoped Tom would share a set photo, but luckily George Guzman has kindly been posting updates on Instagram. Sadly no photos of Tom.


Dark Heart: new interview reveals the show is realistic and very fresh

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There is a new photo of Tom as DI Wagstaffe on this website, highlighting new shows to watch in November. 


Dark Heart: ITV press pack interview reveals a new job

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The ITV press pack promoting the broadcast of Dark Heart on 9th November, can be shared from today. The pack has a few new stills of Tom as DI Wagstaffe, and an interview with him, which reveals that he is about to film (or is possibly now filming), a comedy drama series. No more details about Tom's new job are shared in the interview or online anywhere that I can find, and I have hunted everywhere.