Joanne Froggatt & Tom Riley deliver emotionally charged, devastatingly honest performances

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Another lovely review for Starfish has been shared on Movie Review World. Read it in full on that site. 

The entire cast are flawless, and in particular Ellie Copping (who’s not so young now) gives a standout performance as young Grace. With few words she manages to convey an emotion beyond her years as she gives us, the audience, a window in, showing us how this huge change affects the life of a child.


Starfish: a powerfully moving issue-driven drama

A lovely new review for Starfish has been shared by Screen Daily. Read it in full on the website.


Starfish: performances from Riley & Froggatt are the film’s biggest assets

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Starfish on Twitter shared this photo of what appears to be the poster for the film. They have never shared an actual poster in any form, just this photo of one from the Edinburgh Film Festival screening last night. All traces of the trailer on the Edinburgh Film Festival website have been removed also. Odd promotion compared to Tom's other indie film premiering this weekend, Pushing Dead, which has a poster, a trailer as well as a little bit of press interest generated in advance of the screening.


Starfish: Tom Riley delivers a compelling performance

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Starfish The Film on Twitter shared the first photo from the Q&A. The first review for Starfish, currently having its world premiere in Edinburgh, has been shared on online, with some lovely words about the film, and Tom's performance as Tom Ray. Read the review in full on Kneel Before Blog.


Pushing Dead: crafty screenwriting and a charismatic cast

A preview of Frameline 40 Festival next week has been included on this site, and includes Pushing Dead in its list of recommended films to see. Get your tickets here

"Pushing Dead"


Da Vinci's Demons: Tom Riley’s masterful portrayal of Da Vinci

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A new review for Da Vinci's Demons has been shared on this website, from someone who just discovered the "under-rated but brilliant" series, and it has some kind words to say about Tom's performance. Read it in full on the website.


Kill Your Friends: out today in US with worthy actors James Corden & Tom Riley

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Kill Your Friends is finally released in US cinemas today by Well Go USA. While the reviews so far have been as mixed as those following the UK release last November, the LA Times gave a deservedly nice mention for Tom as Parker-Hall, as did the NY Times!


Da Vinci's Demons: great production values, a fantastic score & a talented cast

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Da Vinci's Demons season 3 was released on DVD and Blu-ray yesterday in the US, and a few new reviews for it have beem shared online. One review from Inside Pulse, clearly written without ever actually watching the show on DVD or Blu-ray - they awarded 3 out of 5 for included extras, where there are none - can be discounted. I hope no-one actually got paid for writing that piece. 


Da Vinci's Demons: Tom Riley was charismatic, yet tortured & captivating as Da Vinci

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A new behind the scenes video from filming Da Vinci's Demons season 3 has been shared by Den of Geek, to promote their website giveaway of the entire series of Da Vinci's Demons. Den of Geek also included some kind words about Tom as Leonardo.


Da Vinci's Demons: one of the most consistent shows in 2015 & final fan message

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Starz shared this behind the scenes photo of the Da Vinci's demons finale on Instagram. With the final episode of Da Vinci's Demons broadcasting around the world last week, a few more reviews and recommendations for the show have appeared online: TV Equals sharing a detailed review, and SnapPow including the show in its best of list for 2015.