The Nevers: first trailer released and it will broadcast in April!

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Such exciting news! HBO has released the first teaser trailer for The Nevers, and announced that we will see the series broadcast in April! That will be quite the treat to celebrate Tom Riley's birthday, though we don't know the exact broadcast date as yet. 

We get a few fantastic glimpses of Tom Riley as Augstus Bidlow in the trailer, along with some fabulous action scenes with leads Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly. 


The Toll Road: available to watch online from 8th July

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Fantastic news! Tom Riley's directorial debut film The Toll Road will finally be available to watch online from 8th July 2020! WeVe TV will screen the short film starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, and fans just need to subscribe to the site for a free trial. For more details, check out the official website for The Toll Road


Tortilla: short film available online

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Back in 2017, Tom Riley went to Ibiza to shoot scenes in Tortilla, a comedy short film by Da Vinci's Demons co-star Eros Vlahos. Tortilla also features Gregg Chillin, another Da Vinci's Demons co-star. The film has been available to watch online for quite a while, but I forgot to post it when I was ill. Enjoy.


Lizzy Caplan reveals hilarious story about Tom Riley

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Lizzy Caplan was on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night promoting her new series: season 2 of Castle Rock for Hulu. During the interview, Lizzy told a hilarious story about husband Tom Riley and his chewing gum. Watch in the video below.



The Toll Road: film poster and social media launch

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The Toll Road, a short film written by Richard Galazka, directed by Tom Riley, and starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, had a social media launch yesterday. To keep updated with the film as it is screened at various film festivals, follow the new social media sites (links below), and the official film website which has interviews, behind the scenes photos and the teaser trailer.


Dark Heart: available for streaming on Amazon Prime UK & US

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6 part crime thriller series Dark Heart, starring Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe, was recently released as a region 2 DVD. The series is also available to download from iTunes UK, BritBox US and BritBox Canada.


Dark Heart: stylish detective drama with the excellent Tom Riley

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The Region 2 DVD for Dark Heart, starring Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe, is released in UK on Monday 26th November, and is available to pre-order from Amazon UK. In advance of the release, the current issue of Heat Magazine has shared a brief 4 star review for the 6 part series (scan above). 

You just can’t get the Staffe these days



Dark Heart: new preview videos promoting the ITV finale tonight at 9pm

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In advance of tonight's nail-biting final episode of Dark Heart, ITV has shared 3 new preview videos.The first is a tense scene between Tom Riley's and Charlotte Riley's characters.


Dark Heart: new clip for episode 5

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A new video clip from tomorrow night's episode of Dark Heart, featuring Tom Riley and Charlotte Riley, has been shared online by ITV. The final 2 episodes of the series broadcast at 9pm tomorrow and Thursday on ITV, BritBox US and BritBox Canada. A new article / interview mashup has been shared here, which mentions the hope ITV have for a returning drama and whether Dark Heart fits with that. 


Dark Heart: new preview clip for tonight's episode & new interview

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ITV has shared a new clip from tonight's episode of Dark Heart, featuring Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe, which begins at 9pm and continues tomorrow night. The video is embedded below. Another new interview with Tom, to promote tonight's BritBox launch has been shared by Hidden Remote, and for some reason Tom gets onto the subject of nipples. Read it in full on the website.