Ill Behaviour: a surprising comedy win!

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Showtime has shared a new preview video for episode 1, in advance of Ill Behaviour's broadcast next Monday, 13th November. In addition, a couple of great articles have been shared online; My San Antonio also sharing some new episode stills, including the gorgeous one above of Tom Riley and Chrissy Chong.  


Ill Behaviour: new video interview with Tom Riley

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Although Ill Behaviour has finished broadcast on BBC2, it is still available to watch on BBC iPlayer, and can be downloaded from iTunes UK and Germany. In addition, the Ill Behaviour region 2 DVD will be released in the UK this coming Monday, 11th September 2017, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon


Starfish: new behind the scenes video and interview with Tom

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To promote the DVD and digital release of Starfish tomorrow in the UK, a new still of Tom as Tom Ray has been shared on Facebook, along with a new behind the scenes video. It appears to be the same behind the scenes glimpses shown at October's special screening, and interview with Tom from the premiere.

Starfish: Tom Riley interview to promote DVD release

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An audio snippet from one of Tom's interviews at the Starfish premiere last October has been uploaded to Sound Cloud, as part of the promotion for the UK DVD release on Monday 24th April 2017.

In addition, a video interview with Joanne Froggatt and Bill Clark shared on Facebook, also has a very brief glimpse of Tom behind the scenes while filming Starfish in 2015. It isn't clear whether the official Starfish social media team will share the rest of the behind the scenes footage shown at the special screenings last year.


The Collection: bewitching new drama boasts an impressive ensemble cast

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Decider has posted a third part from their interview with Tom, chatting about The Collection, now available to stream on Amazon Prime USA. Read it in full here. Tom provides more background to his character's relationship with Nina in the series (video clip showing their bond is at the bottom of this post). 


Starfish: new on set video interviews

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Interviews with Tom Riley, Joanne Froggatt, Bill Clark, Pippa Cross, as well as Tom and Nic Ray, recorded on the set of Starfish, have been shared on You Tube by Land's End. This was first uploaded last October, but didn't turn up in any of my searches sadly, especially as it is the only one we have had from the set.

Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt provide some wonderful background to filming a true story from the actor's point of view, while Tom and Nic Ray describe how making Starfish brought closure for them.


Dark Heart: new promo video and video clips

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Two excellent videos have been shared on Vimeo, to promote Dark Heart at the recent MIPCOM. The first is a  6 minute clip from the show, the second is a long preview trailer. Hopefully they wont be deleted.

Starfish: new red carpet premiere interview & a VERY young Tom...

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A new video interview with Tom, from the red carpet premiere of Starfish last month has been uploaded to You Tube by Red Carpet News. Tom chats about why the project was important to him. 

Starfish: Videoplugger interview with Tom at the premiere

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Videoplugger edited their Starfish red carpet interviews, and shared this video interview with Tom.


Starfish: 360 magazine video interviews from the premiere

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Photo of Tom Riley and Lizzy Caplan on the red carpet shared by Starfish on Facebook, while Tom Riley's red carpet video interview can be watched from 11 minutes 22 seconds.