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Dark Heart: BBC Radio 2 interview now on iPlayer

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For those fans who missed Tom Riley's interview with Graham Norton on his BBC Radio 2 show today, it is now available to listen again on BBC iPlayer! Highlights include: Tom's music choices, describing the new series of Dark Heart, and explaining that he may look a bit different in some new scenes in the first episodes, as he lost a lot of weight since filming in 2016. And he was very thin then!


Kill 'Em All: new audiobook available for pre-order

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For fans of Tom Riley's voice, who enjoyed his narration of Kill Your Friends, there is some wonderful news. It seems that Tom has narrated the sequel to Kill Your Friends by John Niven, whilst in LA.


Da Vinci's Demons season 3 set visit interview - part 2

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Did you notice differences when you were filming Kill Your Friends and Doctor Who, after filming Da Vinci’s Demons for so long?

I kind of like the lack of pressure. You know, on Doctor Who, it is very much Peter’s [Capaldi] new thing, and it’s got to be right. Admittedly, I am in that episode a lot! It’s a big part, but I was really aware that it was Peter’s show, and the pressure was on him. He was brilliant with it. He was fantastic.

Steven Moffat said some really lovely things to the press about your performance in Doctor Who.


Tom's voice work - TV adverts

We were lucky already to know that Tom was one of the voices in this M&Ms advert, along with friend Sally Hawkins. During my interview with Tom this week, he kindly revealed that he had provided his voice for Rimmel London adverts, and also a number of Head & Shoulders "Making Heads Happier" TV and radio ads.