Extinction: now available to watch on Netflix worldwide

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Extinction, directed by Ben Young and starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, is now available to watch on Netflix worldwide. A few reviews have appeared online today, and they have been very positive, especially about the acting! Tom Riley plays Chris in the film. Be VERY careful of the reviews until you actually watch the film. Don't spoil yourself for the surprise!


Extinction: interviews with Ben Young and Michael Pena

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Extinction, directed by Ben Young, is released worldwide on Netflix tomorrow 27th July 2018. Starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, Tom Riley fans should look out for his role as Chris. Netflix doesnt seem to go big on promo for its films. We have had a trailer, but that is pretty much it.


Extinction: official trailer and website

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Netflix has finally shared a trailer for Extinction with Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena, directed by Ben Young, which is released worldwide on July 27th. Tom Riley plays Chris in the film, but sadly doesn't appear in the trailer.  Keep an eye on the Netflix webpage for Extinction for updates. A film poster and more film stills have been shared here


Extinction: first video footage

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The German Netflix account has shared a promotional video of all July 2018 releases, which includes the first glimpse of Extinction, which is apparently to be released on July 27th worldwide. There is no sign of Tom Riley, but we do briefly get to see Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena.


Extinction: July premiere on Netflix?

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While there is nothing yet to see on the Netflix website, and no sign of a trailer yet, a number of broadcast news websites sites have Extinction listed for a July 27th 2018 premiere. It was only a few weeks ago that similar sites announced an August 10th premiere.


Extinction: possible August 2018 broadcast date

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The official Netflix website has not yet confirmed any broadcast date nor released a trailer for sci-fi feature film Extinction. Directed by Ben Young, the film shot in Serbia in 2017 stars Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena, with Tom Riley as Chris.


Extinction: Netflix to release later this year

Finally some news about Extinction, after the January 2018 release date was pulled by Universal. According to Variety, Netflix has acquired the worldwide rights to the film, starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, and will release Exctinction later this year - I assume only for streaming. 

Tom's character is named Chris, but we know no more than that about him. 


Extinction: new project added to IMDb

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Tom Riley's name has been added to the cast list for sci-fi thriller Extinction, a feature film directed by Ben Young, which stars Tom's fiancée Lizzy Caplan and Michael Pena. Extinction was shot recently in Serbia, and is now in post-production. It has a planned release date of January 26th 2018. 

The film's IMDb page reveals that Tom's character is called Chris, but that is all we know about him.