Dark Heart: atmospheric and quietly riotous, with a commanding turn from Tom Riley

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Part 1 of Dark Heart episode 1 (part 2 tonight 9pm!) aired last night to mostly great reviews and previews. There were a MASSIVE number of visitors to the site last night, so I assume ratings will be be reasonable. There were also some (very deserved) kind comments about Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe. Catch up with the first episode on the ITV Hub.


Dark Heart: 4 stars from TV Times as Tom Riley impressive as haunted cop

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Today is quite the Tom Riley Tuesday treat! Lots of articles and interviews with Tom appearing online to promote new ITV series Dark Heart, which begins at 9pm on 31st October. 

This week's TV Times has a mini-review as well as an interview with Tom discussing the series and his character. A full scan of the interview is available in the galleries. 

It’s two years since this crime thriller debuted on ITV Encore but now it’s making a welcome return with a six-part series.


Dark Heart: a superb, subtle performance from Tom Riley

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A new interview with writer Chris Lang, promoting ITV series Dark Heart has been shared today by The Daily Telegraph. Worth a read, especially for the kind words about Tom Riley as DI Wagstaffe.


Dry Powder: Tom Riley is stylish. The production is smart and business-like

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The final week of Dr Powder at the Hampstead Theatre begins. And the Hampstead Theatre twitter account reminded followers that while every show is sold out, returns may be available for those desperate to see Tom Riley's brilliant performance as Seth.


Dry Powder: Riley lends his character a degree of warmth and idealism

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Another great review for Dry Powder has been shared by some experts in the field Money Week. The sold-out play ends its run at the Hampstead Theatre on 3rd March.  


Dry Powder: Tom Riley's Seth is nuanced

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The Guardian shared a second review for Dry Powder today, and with kind words about Tom Riley's character, along with another great production phtoto of Tom with Hayley Atwell.


Dry Powder: Seth well played by Tom Riley

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The really lovely photo of Tom Riley above, taken after yesterday's matinee performance of Dry Powder, was kindly shared on Instagram by talented photographer Ibsan Siddiq. According to Hampstead Theatre, only a handful of tickets left for the play until the end of the run on 3rd March. Don't leave it too late to see Dry Powder - the positive reviews keep coming!


Dry Powder: strong performance from Tom Riley as the indecisive Seth

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Two new reviews have been shared today, with very kind words about Tom Riley's performance! And  Hampstead Theatre shared a new production photo, with Tom having fun as Seth, it seems. 


Dry Powder: Atwell and Riley have a great, stilted rapport

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The Hampstead Theatre posted on Instagram about very limited seats available for the rest of the Dry Powder run. If you get the chance to see the play, get your tickets soonest! You don't want to miss Tom Riley as Seth verbally sparring with Hayley Atwell as Jenny - their great rapport noted in a review shared online today by Exeunt magazine


Dry Powder: fascinating and chilling picture of high finance at work

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More online and blog reviews have appeared today for Dry Powder at the Hampstead Theatre, with kind words for Tom Riley and the cast. Variety describes the play as timely. 

Sarah Burgess's play is a fascinating and chilling picture of high finance at work, whose moral is that everyone at the top of the corporate ladder is a bastard and you can absolutely count on them to act like bastards...