Twitter Q&A May 2017

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Yesterday afternoon, for the first time in a couple of years, Tom had a spontaneous Twitter Q&A for fans. Lots of lucky fans who were online had their questions answered. For those not so lucky fans like me who were working, and not around for the 20 minutes Tom was available, or who are not on Twitter, I storified most of the questions and Tom's responses.

Keep everything crossed that those of us who didn't get to ask Tom our questions yesterday will be online if he ever does another one. 


Twitter Q&A May 22nd 2015 storify

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Last night on Twitter, Tom did another spontaneous Q&A session for fans who were online at the time. I storified the tweets for those who missed it, and for Facebook Fans not on Twitter - the only questions Tom has answered for Facebook fans were included in the set visit website interviews, you need to join Twitter!

In the latest Q&A, Tom revealed his favourite actors, his favourite pizza, which car has spoiled him for any others, and childhood murder-mystery videos. NO news on the date for Da Vinci's Demons season 3. 


Da Vinci's Demons Twitter Q&A June 7th 2013

@ManuFanDeKaty What do you think is the worst feature of Da Vinci?
@thisisTomRiley His disregard for other people.

@corellianjedi2 Will you ever have time to come back to Broadway? Would you want to?
@thisisTomRiley In a mayfly’s heartbeat.

@xRebeccaFOXx In playing your character, are you improvising at any part? :) as it all seems rather natural!It seems you clicked instantly
@thisisTomRiley No. It’s all scripted, but David and I made a decision to make him seem as modern and throwaway as possible.


Twitter Q&A with Tom Riley

For those fans not on Twitter, I collated most of the questions and Tom's responses. If I missed any let me know.

Tom Riley ‏@thisisTomRiley Ok. I'm here. Lets Q&A this. Tag 'em #askriley & I'll get through as many as I can. Pre-emptive strike answer. I don't know about series 3. #askriley

@StressfulG What did you have for lunch today?

@thisisTomRiley Ha! I had Haddock.