First Light Awards video interviews

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Some brief video interviews with Tom at the First Light Awards in March have been uploaded online. They sort of disappeared under the flood of promotional interviews for Da Vinci's Demons, so I left sharing them until now. 


In the first for Film Club UK, Tom tells us that given the opportunity when he was 12 years old, he would probably have made a live action ThunderCats movie.


A Curious Night at the Theatre

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A number of gorgeous photos of Tom attending 'A Curious Night at the Theatre' this evening, at the Apollo Theatre in London, have been uploaded to Sipa.

The event, a fundraising gala at the Apollo Theatre, was in aid of the charities Ambitious about Autism and The National Autistic Society.


Da Vinci's Demons: Florence press conference video

It's mainly dubbed in Italian, but this is one of the few (perhaps the only) videos to be uploaded from the Da Vinci's Demons press conference in Florence, April 2013. Along with clips from the series, we see the Da Vinci's Demons team, including Tom and David S. Goyer, responding to questions.


Da Vinci's Demons: a fun, action filled, sexy drama & SFX preview

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Confusingly, while Den of Geek.com posted a mixed review of the Da Vinci's Demons finale this week, it turns out that the site is UK based, and the US version Den of Geek website has shared a brilliant review of the whole series, telling us why we should be watching the show. Read it in full here


Da Vinci's Demons: Florence press tour video & interview

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An amazing video of the Da Vinci's Demons team, during the Florence press tour in April, has been shared online.

We see wonderful glimpses of all the cast discovering the various sites made famous by Leonardo da Vinci.

An interview with Tom for the Greek site Free Cinema, from during the press junket, has also been recently uploaded.



Da Vinci's Demons: Cinema.de interview in Florence & meme

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A great video interview with Tom for Cinema.de, recorded in Florence during the press tour and photocall, has been uploaded to the Spielfilm website.

The video is in English and we get to see some of the gorgeous Tuscan countryside, which Tom believes is not too dissimilar to Wales... 


Da Vinci's Demons: Riley as da Vinci is suitably charming...

Another brilliant interview with Tom from yesterday's Da Vinci's Demons premiere in Neath has been uploaded to You Tube and the first of the UK online reviews have appeared...


Da Vinci's Demons: Hey U Guys and Neath premiere interviews

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Hey U Guys have shared interviews with the Da Vinci's Demons cast, including Tom. Read it in full on the website.


Da Vinci's Demons: new photos on Zimbio

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A lot of new photos of Tom taken outside the ITV studios following his interview on This Morning, have been uploaded to Zimbio


Da Vinci's Demons: Neath premiere photos and BBC News interview

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Some lovely photos from this evening's premiere screening in Wales have been uploaded to This Is South Wales. 

The BBC News site has a short video from the event, which includes a brief interview with Tom.