The Nevers: new stills & my first impressions

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Far Far Away has shared lots of hi-res episode stills for The Nevers, including some new ones of Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. The Nevers begins on HBO this Sunday, 11th April.

I have been incredibly lucky, and was able to watch the first 2 episodes of the new sci-fi / fantasy series last night. Tom Riley fans are in for a real treat. 


Da Man interview and photoshoot

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In advance of the premiere of The Nevers on HBO this coming Sunday evening, a new interview and photoshoot with Tom Riley to promote the show can be found in the latest Da Man magazine. Links to buy the digital version of the magazine can be found here. Only the Gramedia link has the latest issue with Tom's interview so far. 


The Nevers: cast behind the scenes interviews

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HBO has shared a new preview video for The Nevers and it includes behind the scenes interviews with the cast. We finally get to see more of Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow, and see him chat briefly about The Nevers - our first interview with Tom for AGES! A special birthday treat for Tom Riley fans. 


The nevers: fun and twisty enough to be an engaging page-turner of a show

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Today must be the day that The Nevers finally gets some press coverage! Quite a few, mostly great reviews have started to appear online ahead of the premier on HBO this coming Sunday. Read them in full via the website links.


The Nevers: deliciously macabre atmosphere and smoldering sex appeal

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In advance of the premier of The Nevers on HBO this coming Sunday evening, the reviews and previews have started to be published. And so far they have been great! Read them in full via the website links. Tom Riley plays Augustus Bidlow in the series. 


The Nevers: a bit of steampunk and a lot of X-Men-like energy

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Tom Riley fans can start the countdown, as The Nevers premiers on HBO next Sunday, 11th April, with Tom as Augustus Bidlow. There has been very little online promoting the show up till now, but a few snippets have appeared over the last few days.

‘The Nevers’

Starts streaming: Apr. 11


The Nevers: new promo photos for episode 1

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New promotional photos for episode 1 of The Nevers have been shared online. Check out Spoiler TV for more. There are a couple of great photos of Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. The Nevers premiers on HBO Sunday 11th April, and around the world from 12th April. UK fans will have to wait until 17th May!


The Nevers: music score is by Mark Isham

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Film Music Reporter has shared the news that the music for HBO series The Nevers has been created by Mark Isham. Very excited to find out how it sounds. 

Mark Isham (Crash, Once Upon a Time, A River Runs Through It, Miracle, Warrior, The Accountant) is the composer of the new HBO original series The Nevers.


The Nevers: a terrific fantasy drama

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Tom Riley and the cast of The Nevers posted details on social media over the weekend of the recent press junket for HBO's The Nevers, which begins broadcast in the US on April 11th 2021. 

While we wait for the interviews to be posted online, Uproxx seems to be the first outlet to post a great preview for the show. 


The Nevers: will broadcast 12th April on Binge Australia

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Binge Australia has revealed that The Nevers will be available for streaming on April 12th. HBO Nordic and Espanol are also broadcasting on 12th April 2021.