The Nevers: further location filming in Surrey

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Another location shooting update has been shared on the Get Surrey news site.


The Nevers: new set photos shared online

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Photographer Matt Sprake has shared 2 photos from the set of HBO's The Nevers on Instagram. There is no indication of where they were taken, though we know that The Nevers, created by Joss Whedon, has been filming in and around London, and will do until summer 2020. HBO announced that the show would be broadcast in 2021. Tom Riley's character in the show is Augustus Bidlow, though very little news has been shared online about the characters.


The Nevers: screenskills apprenticeship placements

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The photo of Tom Riley and Lizzy Caplan, currently on holiday in the Maldives, indicate that Tom is having a break from filming The Nevers. The HBO sci-fi show created by Joss Whedon is filming in and around London until Summer 2020. 


The Nevers: new location filming photos shared

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HBO series The Nevers, created by Joss Whedon, recommenced filming this month following a 5 month hiatus, and set location photos are again being shared online. Nettlebed Creamery in Oxfordshire shared 2 location photos, as the 10 part series continued to film at the former Sue Ryder hospice in Nettlebed: Joyce Grove.  Photos were shared from the same location on 11th January.


The Nevers: Joss Whedon extraordinarily excited to start shooting again

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A new interview with Joss Whedon, creator of The Nevers for HBO, has been shared online by The Shiznit. Joss mentions The Nevers, and is extraordinarily excited to be shooting again, though it isn't clear how recently the intervew took place. Read the full interview on The Shiznit website. 


The Nevers: filming recommences this month

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Back in 2019, 'The Nevers' a new series by Joss Whedon was announced for HBO, and began filming in London. Featuring Tom Riley as Augie Bidlow - one of the leading characters, filming episode 1 was completed in August 2019. Then nothing more was heard about the series until it was announced that we would be able to see The Nevers on HBO sometime in 2021.


The Nevers: coming in 2021

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HBO on twitter yesterday announced that The Nevers will be coming to television screens in 2021. The new series from Joss Whedon for HBO started filming in London July of this year, and epsiode 1 wrapped at the end of August. Nothing has really been heard of the series since.


The Nevers: filming in a converted factory in London

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A new photo of Tom Riley and Lizzy Caplan has been shared from the wrap party of Lizzy's new series Castle Rock season 2, filmed in Massachusetts. Next to no news has appeared online about Tom Riley's new series for HBO 'The Nevers', created by Joss Whedon. The Nevers started filming in July 2019, and the only real information shared has been for cast announcements - including the news that Tom will play Augustus Bidlow.


The Nevers: two more filming locations revealed

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On Instagram, Ann Skelly - Tom Riley's co-star in The Nevers - shared the above photo with Laura Donnelly and Joss Whedon, confirming that episode 1 of the new HBO series had wrapped.


The Nevers: series logo revealed

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One of the crew of new HBO series The Nevers shared a photo of a crew gift, apparently at the end of filming episode 1. The image reveals what looks to be the official logo for The Nevers.